6LoWPAN Ubuntu VM Image

This is “How to use 6LoWPAN(IPv6 over Bluetooth) on VMware Player Ubuntu LTS image”. 6LoWPAN is already included in linux kernel tree(net/bluetooth/6lowpan.c), and Nordic nRF51 IoT SDK is using Raspbian kernel for Raspberry Pi Linux kernel 3.17.4 as IPv6 gateway, but hardware(RPi) is needed if want to try the 6LoWPAN. so I build lastest Linux kernel 3.18.4 for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and use VMware Player instead of the Raspberry Pi. Even if you don’t have RPi, can use the 6LoWPAN!!

I use Nordic nRF51822(Red bear BLE nano: ARM Cortex-M0 SoC plus Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy), and Bluetooth USB Dongle(Bluetooth4.0+EDR/LE), nRF51 IoT SDK, like a following.

1. download the Ubuntu Linux VM player image from my website.

2. Run VMware Player
In my case, I use Windows7 VMware Player. This Ubuntu Linux 14.04.1 user and password is “ubuntu/ubuntu”. Linux Kernel is already updated to 3.18.4.

3. connect Bluetooth Dongle to the PC, check the Bluetooth dongle and VM Linux connection on VMware Player dialog.

3. config the 6lowpan and check the ping6 on VMware.

If want to build the linux kernel, check the “/boot/config-3.18.3” linux kernel build file. Maybe it’s easy to develop the linux 6lowpan kernel module by using the VM linux.

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  1. Hi, anny. Arch BLE(nRF51822) updated to Nordic nRF IoT SDK? You have to build your BLE by using Nordic nRF IoT SDK. And I already build and running Linux kernel 3.18.3 for RPi(6lowpan included), check this if you need.
    Linux Kernel 3.18.3 image for Raspberry Pi.
    module, firmware

    1. Thank you for your answers! I didn’t install nRF SDK to my node, can you suggest me the nRF SDK getting started guide?

    2. Hi Hirotasker,

      I am using a rpi 2 and I had problem building the .deb files to my rpi following the Nordic Iot SDK instructions.

      What rpi (1 or 2) match with your kernel.img posted here?

      Thanks and Regards,

      1. Hi Leonardo,
        I used RPi 1. But I think build the RPi2 linux kernel(6lowpan enable) is not so hard. Check the CONFIG_6LOWPAN in linux kernel config, and build the kernel.

  2. hi hirotakaster, i followed your steps. After entering the hcitool lescan, an error says

    Set scan parameters failed: File descriptor in bad state

    And then that’s it. Do you have any idea why?

    I have nrf51 DK, Bluetooth 4 dongle CSR8510 A10 and nrf51 iot sdk. Thanks.

    1. Hi john,
      Are you using my VM image? When you connect your Dongle to the PC and VMware Image, check your Ubuntu syslog file(/var/log/syslog) or dmesg. Then you can check your Dongle is really working or not on your environment.


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