Make the Solenoid Keyboard.

Solenoid Keyboard(Typing Machine) is funny item. I would describe how to make the this works.

– Typing Board(solenoid typing machine)

1. Simple solenoid test with Arduino Uno
First of all, it have to control the solenoid from Arduino. Here is just 1 solenoid version fritzing circuit. (note)This push type solenoid have 8gf power on 5V from datasheets.

– Parts list.
1. Arduino Uno or Mega
2. 5V solenoid ROB-11015
3. Panjit 1S3 Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diode
4. NPN Transistor 2SC3558-Y
5. 5.6K carbon resistor

– Arduino Sketch

void setup(){
  pinMode(2, OUTPUT);

void loop(){
  digitalWrite(2, LOW);
  digitalWrite(2, HIGH);

2. set on the keyboard
Test the many solenoid with same circuit. Modify Arduino sketch for many solenoid pin out control.

Next, make the base board for up-setting on the keyboard and solenoid. It have to be checked the Macbook Air keyboard size and solenoid pushing height before make the base-board. Then I used the 2-wood/alminium board/some screw.

Set the solenoid on the base board. I use the 10x100mm Aluminum Frame for solenoid and base board connectivity, bend the Aluminum Frame 90 degree and cut(checking the solenoid length).
When this work, it’s very important checking the keyboard/solenoid setting position and solenoid push length before the setting the solenoid on the base board. This solenoid push power is only 8gf with 5V. Therefore if top of the solenoid position is too near or far to the keyboard, solenoid could not type the keyboard. Solenoid position setting is point of the this typing machine.

Arduino source code is here.

#define SOLENOID_1_PIN_END 11

#define SOLENOID_2_PIN_END 51

#define KEYBORAD_5_KEY    22
#define KEYBORAD_4_KEY    23
#define KEYBORAD_3_KEY    24
#define KEYBORAD_2_KEY    25
#define KEYBORAD_1_KEY    26

#define KEYBORAD_Q_KEY    27
#define KEYBORAD_W_KEY    28
#define KEYBORAD_E_KEY    29
#define KEYBORAD_R_KEY    30
#define KEYBORAD_T_KEY    31

#define KEYBORAD_A_KEY    51
#define KEYBORAD_S_KEY    50
#define KEYBORAD_D_KEY    49
#define KEYBORAD_F_KEY    48
#define KEYBORAD_G_KEY    47

#define KEYBORAD_Z_KEY    46
#define KEYBORAD_X_KEY    45
#define KEYBORAD_C_KEY    44
#define KEYBORAD_V_KEY    43
#define KEYBORAD_SPACE_KEY    42

#define KEYBORAD_6_KEY    11
#define KEYBORAD_7_KEY    10
#define KEYBORAD_8_KEY    9
#define KEYBORAD_9_KEY    8
#define KEYBORAD_0_KEY    7

#define KEYBORAD_Y_KEY    6
#define KEYBORAD_U_KEY    5
#define KEYBORAD_I_KEY    4
#define KEYBORAD_O_KEY    3
#define KEYBORAD_P_KEY    2

#define KEYBORAD_H_KEY    41
#define KEYBORAD_J_KEY    40
#define KEYBORAD_K_KEY    39
#define KEYBORAD_L_KEY    38

#define KEYBORAD_B_KEY    37
#define KEYBORAD_N_KEY    36
#define KEYBORAD_M_KEY    35
#define KEYBORAD_ENTER_KEY    34

void setup() {
  for (int i = SOLENOID_1_PIN_START; i <= SOLENOID_1_PIN_END; i++) {
    pinMode(i, OUTPUT);

  for (int i = SOLENOID_2_PIN_START; i <= SOLENOID_2_PIN_END; i++) {
    pinMode(i, OUTPUT);

void keyput(int key) {
  digitalWrite(key, LOW);
  digitalWrite(key, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(key, LOW);

void loop() {   
  int input =;
  if(input != -1 ){
    if (input == '5')  keyput(KEYBORAD_5_KEY);
    if (input == '4')  keyput(KEYBORAD_4_KEY);
    if (input == '3')  keyput(KEYBORAD_3_KEY);
    if (input == '2')  keyput(KEYBORAD_2_KEY);
    if (input == '1')  keyput(KEYBORAD_1_KEY);
    if (input == 'q')  keyput(KEYBORAD_Q_KEY);
    if (input == 'w')  keyput(KEYBORAD_W_KEY);
    if (input == 'e')  keyput(KEYBORAD_E_KEY);
    if (input == 'r')  keyput(KEYBORAD_R_KEY);
    if (input == 't')  keyput(KEYBORAD_T_KEY);
    if (input == 'a')  keyput(KEYBORAD_A_KEY);
    if (input == 's')  keyput(KEYBORAD_S_KEY);
    if (input == 'd')  keyput(KEYBORAD_D_KEY);
    if (input == 'f')  keyput(KEYBORAD_F_KEY);
    if (input == 'g')  keyput(KEYBORAD_G_KEY);
    if (input == 'z')  keyput(KEYBORAD_Z_KEY);
    if (input == 'x')  keyput(KEYBORAD_X_KEY);
    if (input == 'c')  keyput(KEYBORAD_C_KEY);
    if (input == 'v')  keyput(KEYBORAD_V_KEY);
    if (input == ' ')  keyput(KEYBORAD_SPACE_KEY);
    if (input == '6')  keyput(KEYBORAD_6_KEY);
    if (input == '7')  keyput(KEYBORAD_7_KEY);
    if (input == '8')  keyput(KEYBORAD_8_KEY);
    if (input == '9')  keyput(KEYBORAD_9_KEY);
    if (input == '0')  keyput(KEYBORAD_0_KEY);
    if (input == 'y')  keyput(KEYBORAD_Y_KEY);
    if (input == 'u')  keyput(KEYBORAD_U_KEY);
    if (input == 'i')  keyput(KEYBORAD_I_KEY);
    if (input == 'o')  keyput(KEYBORAD_O_KEY);
    if (input == 'p')  keyput(KEYBORAD_P_KEY);

    if (input == 'h')  keyput(KEYBORAD_H_KEY);
    if (input == 'j')  keyput(KEYBORAD_J_KEY);
    if (input == 'k')  keyput(KEYBORAD_K_KEY);
    if (input == 'l')  keyput(KEYBORAD_L_KEY);

    if (input == 'b')  keyput(KEYBORAD_B_KEY);
    if (input == 'n')  keyput(KEYBORAD_N_KEY);
    if (input == 'm')  keyput(KEYBORAD_M_KEY);
    if (input == '\n')  keyput(KEYBORAD_ENTER_KEY);


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