drill LED Fretless guitar

I made the LED Fretless guitar for just my fun, but I want to MAKE something custom reconstruction . Now, here is my fretless guitar spec
– stratocaster type led guitar
– MCU : Particle Argon/XENON
– LED : WS2812Bx10
– Sensor : MPU-6050

I thought automatic picking guitar application is funny idea, so I tried to make the picking machine with my solenoid. Then I removed the ham pickup and manufactured the aluminum plate into an L shape, fixed it with solenoid, and embedded it in the guitar body.

Hm…subtle…verrrry subtle. And it’s need to think about the solenoid power supply, I thought that adding battery into guitar is ugly. And I remembered Paul Gilbert’s guitar playing.

Yes!! Drill!! Play the guitar using the drill(pick attached to the tip of the drill) is great idea. Paul Gilbert, you are so great!! He made the how to use the drill with guitar!!

And I decided to include the motor with pick to the guitar. Then I removed the front ham pickup and I manufactured the aluminum plate into an L shape, fixed it both sides of the motor. Guitar pick fixed to the motor axis.

Here is new guitar spec,
– stratocaster type led guitar
– MCU : Particle XENON
– LED : WS2812Bx10
– Sensor : MPU-6050
– Motor : FA-130R
– Motor Driver : TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver

2 motors connect to motor driver through backside of pickup, motor driver include to space of the volume toggle. Motor pick machine attack to 1, 2, 5, 6 strings. The bass sound and treble is easy to play fast with motor power.
Drill motor start up with button on the pick guard it have a two mode. Picking while the pressing the button mode and picking for fixed time mode.
First of all, let’s play.

And when the button is pressed and drill is working, the LED will set to rainbow color. I think this guitar have a two playing pattern.
1. Pressed the button with one hand(right-side), other hand(left-side) play the strings.
2. Press the button just a one time motor work fixed time, while that time play the guitar normally(very fast picking with drill).
Adjust the strings height, it play with the drill working where you pressed the strings.

This guitar could play everybody!!

Maker Faire Bay Area 2019.
Maker Faire Bay Area 2019.
My playing at NT Kanazawa

This guitar can use Bluetooth/6LoWPAN with XEON, LED and Drill can work from internet or other PC, cell phone. Yes, this guitar have a remote play mode.

Fret-less guitar original sound, fast playing the guitar with drill are this guitar special set. I will use this guitar for one fo the sound make.


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