Brain Maze

Brain Maze 2013-2021

Event : SHUTTER magazine Art Lounge Vol.1, internet yami-ichi 4, yami-ichi tokyo, Maker Faire Tokyo 2021(online), 2014
Summary: generate maze from brain wave data、NeruoSky, Nero Sky Mobile2(2021~)、openFrameworks、Printer。

The maze is generated from the EEG brain wave sensor values. We The maze is generated from the EEG brain wave sensor values. We recognize the differences between ourselves and others, and the brain waves that we usually do not even recognize ourselves, like that I generate as a maze.
In many cases, participants have been digitized by technology, there are We have been digitized by technology in many cases, but there are still many unresolved issues, including consciousness. By showing the viewer a maze generated from participants’s own brain wave sensor values, the viewer is confronted with the fact that even he or she does not understand what is thinking.
And by solving the maze, participants simulate the experience of “being able to read consciousness”. The start and finish in maze are also the things that make the maze work, and they exist as objects that trace the path of black boxed consciousness (= brain waves).

Pattern using brain wave data of 125 participants at Maker Faire Tokyo

Brain waves change from time to time and are not constant, using these data in real time, the mazes created by the same participants will never be the same. But, when the agreement of the maze appears with some participants, each individual is the same is presented form of a maze in that time.
The maze generated from the brain waves at that moment becomes a Finger Print that captures the individual and the moment at that moment, and thus is embodied as a projection of the individual.
The generated maze is automatically printed and can be used as an actual maze or passed on to someone.

In addition, save all the brain wave values in a database, a maze is generated using the brain waves of the participants, and the consciousnesses of multiple participants are simultaneously reproduced as a single maze.
In general, it is difficult to “mix” brain wave with others. By saving the brain waves of many participants, this can generate a maze that mixes the consciousnesses. Here is 100 participants maze collections.

at Maker Faire Tokyo

概要(in japanese )

脳波という時々刻々変化し、一定では無い値をリアルタイムで利用して、同一人物でも作成される迷路が同じ事になる事はない。しかし、迷路の一致が現れた場合は、その時の状態(=意識=脳波)の同一性が目の前に迷路という形で提示される。その瞬間に脳波から作られる迷路は、その時の個・瞬間と捉えるFinger Printになるため、個を投影した物として具現化される。生成された迷路は自動印刷され、誰かに自分の脳波を渡したり、実際の迷路として利用できる。


individuals maze s

mix the brain wave
The following maze is a single maze for all of participants using the maze and EEG data generated at each event. The mazes of 79 participants and individually created mazes with the same size show completely different density and complexity.

脳波を混ぜる(in japanese )

individuals maze
Patterns generated using 79 participants

Generated using brain wave data of 255 participants collected at events and exhibitions. It takes about 40 minutes to generate the data, so we have fast-forwarded it for convenience.
Patterns using all collected EEG data

(in japanese)