8 bit


8 bit is an application work uses the operating principle of a superconducting quantum computer gate control microwaves.
Currently, there are a many applications work/interaction based classical computers architecture, but by using the quantum computers is few yet. In the future, many quantum computers applications will be created to emerge. Then I focus on superconducting quantum computers in qbit gate control microwaves, and propose interaction between qbit and human in this application.

8 bit main feature is convert microwaves (radio waves) in the qbit gate control of the superconducting quantum computer to sound waves in real time and show them as a Chladni figure. In many cases, qbit gate control is used as Bloch spheres, but qbit is shown as Chladni figure in this work, so that can see the gate control as a figure and understand the movement.
This work makes an attempt to have quantum indeterminacy. The qbit state is determined by us, the viewer of the Chladni figure. In other words, the qbit state is determined by the interaction between the us and the qbit representation(Chladni figure), since the indeterminate qbit state is determined by the particles (sand) that make up the Chladni figure at the moment we are looking at it.
Also, the qbit coherence time is a very long compared to the actually quantum computer (actually is very short nsec time) in this work gate control microwave, so the collapse of the qbit state can be visualized by the indeterminate movement of the particles (sand) that make up the Chladni figure and their fall down.

Event: Maker Faire Tokyo 2020
Support : Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan – MITOU Target Gate type Quantum Computing Application Devision, 20192020.